... Separates the Freaks from the Fakes ...

How it all started.

In June 2004 I founded KraakPiep.
The name stands for a specific rough sound, applicable on all kinds of styles.
Litterally translated from Dutch it means Crack Peep .. deep, harsh & squeeking sounds.
The reason is just to be independent, to have an own place to hide `n save and create my own movement.
I didn`t want to focus on the name `Industrial` in whatever category .. it`s just overused.
So this covers the way I describe harsh & hectic Electronical sounds.

KP means Underground, or real Hardcore to me. Not specific Hardcore House, but every music genre has it`s own Hardcore.
Jazz can be also HC, or Classical or HipHop.
Music in its deepest roots, where the basic isn`t fucked up by the mainstream thought.
And that is, in my opinion, the core of every music style.

Therefore, `de KraakPiep Show` was born specifically.
It all started on the 5th of December 2004 and still going on @ the Airpeace radio studio in Almere.
Together with DeesterĀ© & Robin Kampschoer I host this radio show every Sunday.
Giving you the alternative way of the deeper & harder styles of (mostly Electronic) music. And a lot of bullshit ofcourse.

Check the radio section for more info ..

Last but not least, the infamous `KraakPiepForum`.
Begin January 2004, the famous Masters of Hardcore label closed their forum because it wasn`t use-and helpful anymore for them.
Too much criticism and comments against their sound on their own forum .. but, it was a hideout for many people,
and remained so for years.
Luckily somebody could get a copy of the forum database ..and after some hours of discussion we wanted to resurrect the forum.

had the space and domain to host this forum, and in the end, the old
MoH forum became `het KraakPiep Forum` ... with the same Admins, Mods,
users & posts.

After a big forum crash in September 2005, we deleted all posts and users.
Now, almost 1 year later, we can welcome the 1000th registered user soon!!
It`s pretty well-known now with it`s own rules & borders.
With a lot of musical knowledge, many known DJ`s / Producer`s & Organisations on board,
even more opinions and do`s / don`ts, the KP Forum has raised itself to one of the biggest `Industrial Hardcore` forums,
with eyes open to many other styles and genres. Or not .. depends on the cheesyness ... hehe.

Just register and have a look. You`re more than welcome!!
But be aware: know what you are saying and have the guts to discuss .. because it`s getting rough sometimes. =)

Soon KP will have merchandise and stuff .. my plan is also to have KP as record label ..
so let`s see what the future brings with this concept.
But KP will stay and kick ass 24/7 as long as possible!!!

My thanx go out to:

Mitsj0l, [s.o.s] & Mental Wreckage for giving me the chance & help with this wicked forum.
DeesterĀ©, Robin Kampschoer & Ray for assisting me fully in my dream to have my own asskicking radio program
and ROBBERS for recording & upping this shit for a long time now.
Also to all the people who do and don`t believe in what I`m doing around
and the rest who helped to build KraakPiep to what it is now!!

Tits up!

Chris aka =XTRECIST=
Signed @ 05-07-2006